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An ideal sound reinforcement enclosure should be the neutral element of a system, contributing nothing beyond the isolation of the internal waves, thus any “coloration” introduced shall be deemed a distortion of the true signal.

Not just a name

RED manufactures professional speaker systems with attention to ‘details’ because clarity is what it’s all about. Reproducing sound over the intended frequency range without objectionable resonances and without significant physical motion or vibration being transmitted to the walls of the SRE from the vibrations of the transducer/s.


About RED

Incorporated in the August of 2014 with the licensing and assignment of this patented granted(in 19 countries) sound Reinforcement Enclosure Design, led by an experienced team plus the support of industry players; RED shall potentially be the first to place Singapore on the map of the professional audio industry by resolving an age old industry issue with a K.I.S.s. concept.

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